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Macro Extension Tube Kit from Fotodiox

Fotodiox eos macro extention tube kit canon 05MTS5EOS

Fotodiox eos macro extention tube kit


Recently I ordered a Macro Extension Kit from Fotodiox. The five piece Kit is made up of 3 extension rings and 2 mounts. This is an inexpensive kit that can greatly improve your existing Canon lens macro capability, but not with out some braw backs.
The main drawback, this kit is non powered. So IS and auto focus are out of the picture (pun intended). You do not have the ability to control your aperture with this kit as well. Also this kit will throw your camera off balance. It is awkward as a hand held accessory add-on. However, with a coast of $11, the price on this kit easily helps me ignore those detriments. So if you don’t mind the downsides of this kit and have a few bucks to spare. you will have an inexpensive attachment that will give you a 1:1.3 Macro true to life scale. Personally, I think it was 11 dollars well spent, even if it’s just used as a toy.

Macro of 28-135 canon

The Macro of my 28-135 canon lens. This was zoom in all the way at 135 and the lens was about as close as I could get, foot and a half away.

Macro image of stitch 28-135 canon with extension kit

Image taken from about one inch away at 135mm using the same 28-135 canon lens. This time the full kit was attached.

50D Canon Fotodiox eos macro extention tube kit Cat

This is what the kit looks like mounted on the camera. The Cats name is Ponyo and no, she would not move.