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Galveston Sunset

2560x1440 Galveston Sunset

2560×1440 Galveston Sunset

Thirst Tree Austin

HDR of the Thirst Tree here in Austin, Texas. Taken using a Canon 6D with the 17-40mm f4 lens at 17mm. Camera was Tripod mounted, set to Aperture Priority using ISO 400 and f4.5. Why f4.5? I intended f4 but didn’t notice till I got home. I must have accidentally bumped it to f4.5. The HDR was built in Photomatix 4 and further edited with Photoshop.





Photo Update

Just some old Photos I found and decided to give another look at and post.

Timed exposure canon 40D CS4 black and white red filter

Timed exposure at one sec. A small amount of the Diffuse Glow filter and red filter Black & white at 50% opacity was used for effect. Done in Photoshop.

6th street austin time exposure canon 10-22 lens sample cs4 Photoshop red filter

This was actually the over exposed image of a set intended for an HDR. Instead I used a similar Diffuse Glow and red filter Black & white as before to get the look you see. Timed exposure at 10 sec.

HDR Pedernales Falls Photomatix

HDR of 5 Exposures EV -2,-1,0,+1,+2 Canon 10-22 lens at 12mm

Austin night at congress Canon 10-22 lens sample

iPhoto used for effect. Boost Color, B&W on and Edge Blur.

Tree at 360 bridge overlook austin canon 10-22 lens sample

Basically an as-is Photo. Just a little extra saturation. 10mm

Galveston Trip Spring 2010

Bishops Palace Galveston HDR Catholic building Old House Photoshop photomatix
All Pictures in this post were taken with a Canon 40D using the Canon 10-22 EF lens.
Bishops Palace Galveston HDR Catholic building Old House Photoshop photomatix

Bishops Palace Galveston HDR

The Bishop’s Palace HDR was taken with three exposures at EV 2,0,-2 and tone mapped with Photomatix. The clouds were layered in from another picture I took. The Palace also needed some lens correction to compensate for the angle the original picture was taken at.

Galveston Sea Wall sunset Photomatix HDR

Galveston Sea Wall West HDR

Strange Beach House Galveston Photomatix HDR

This is one odd looking Beach House.

I had to crop this image in some as it was taken from inside my car. The HDR still came out well considering the three exposures were hand held.

Galveston Beach Overly Dramatic Wooden Poles

Overly Dramatic Wooden Poles

I think photos like this are kind of amusing. You see a lot of pictures similar to this turning something boring really dramatic.

Pelicans boat bird droppings

Lots of Bird Droppings

Found these Pelicans just hanging out on the back of an old beat-up fishing boat. The Pelicans couldn’t care less that I was there and let me get pretty close. The deck was literally covered in bird droppings. I don’t think this boat is used very often.

Old School Red Phone Booth Galveston Strand

Old School Red Phone Booth

You just don’t see too many of this type of phone booth anymore, at least not in Texas. It’s too bad the actual phone on the inside is a modern one.

Photography by Anthony Marino

Lamar Bridge Over Town Lake

Lamar Bridge Over Town Lake at sunset EV 2, 0,-2 Photomatix HDR. The picture was cropped from a Canon EF 28-135 lens

Austin Texas Downtown Clock

Downtown Austin. I replaced the face of the Clock with the one from a under exposed picture. Otherwise the Clock face would have been washed out.

Austin Texas dusk Downtown

Austin Texas dusk Downtown

Austin Texas Lightning

I plan on posting more lightning pictures. A lot of luck went into this picture. This was a 30sec exposure and I could only try a few times before the rain.

Austin Texas Sunset

Austin Texas Sunset

Botanical Gardens Austin Texas

Botanical Gardens of Austin Texas

UT Fountain

UT Fountain Austin Texas

UT Tower Austin Texas

UT Tower Austin Texas

Austin Tower 360 Nueces St

Austin Tower 360 Nueces St

Austin Texas Street Traffic

Austin Texas Congress and Cesar Chaves

Austin Texas Congress Ave Night

Austin Texas Congress Ave Night. This is layered picture taken from first street bridge. The black and white part of the photo was a 20 sec exposure taken at night. The sunset part of the picture was actually taken from the Congress Ave bridge.

Austin Texas

Austin Texas view of capital from Congress Bridge.

flip the bird

What can I say. I don't think this Plant wanted it's picture taken ( Flip the bird ).

Monarch Butterfly

I was surprised this Monarch Butterfly allowed me to get this close. I used a 135 focal length and only had to crop a little in post.

Botanical Gardens Bee

Botanical Gardens in Austin Texas. 50mm F1/8 Prime lens used

Downtown view of austin from St. Edwards University

Downtown view of austin Texas from St. Edwards University in front of the theater dome. HDR image from 3 exposures 2,0,-2

The lens used in the four pictures below is the Canon EF-S 10-22mm 1:3.5-4.5 USM. The Camera used is the Canon eos 40D. The HDR Images were taken in sets of three and merged with Photomatix using EV -2,0,2 for each. The ISO’s were a little high at 400-800 causing noise. For HDR I probably should have dropped the ISO down to 200. There’s always next time.

Inside the Austin Texas Capital-hallway Black and white 10-22 canon wide angle lens

Inside the Austin Texas Capital-hallway

Inside the Austin Texas Capital 2nd Floor view dome 10-22 Canon wide angle lens

Inside the Austin Texas Capital 2nd Floor

Photomatix HDR Inside the Austin Texas Capital-top floor 10-22 Canon wide angle lens

HDR Inside the Austin Texas Capital-top floor

Capital Dome looking up Photomatix HDR Austin Texas

Capital Dome HDR Austin Texas

Philosophers Rock Zilker Park HDR

Philosophers Rock Zilker Park HDR

Photomatix HDR 360 bridge Black And White

Photomatix HDR of the 360 bridge in Austin Texas. 5 exposures used EV 2, 1 ,0,-1,-2. iPhoto was used for the Black And White, Color boost, Definition and a little extra noise reduction.

moon SLR Picture canon EF 28-135 lens

This picture of the moon was taken with the Canon 40D using the 28-135 EF lens zoomed in to 135mm and then cropped at about 40% later. ISO was set very low at 100 and the shutter speed was set to 1/200. By the way. Yes, I know that this is not a picture of Austin, Tx but it was taken from Austin, Tx.

Austin Texas 360 Bridge at sunset.

Austin Texas 360 Bridge at sunset.

Zilker Park natural Black and white Photomatix HDR image using the Canon 10-22 wide angle lens

This is a picture taken at Zilker Park along the train tracks. This was shot in RAW and later given a Light HDR touch up to bring out my son

Canon 580EX Flash used in mid-afternoon daylight

The Canon 580Ex flash was used to light up my daughter

LadyBird Johnson Wildflower Center education room 50mm canon prime lens

This picture of my wife and son was taken at the LadyBird Johnson Wildflower Children's Center. The Canon 50mm 1.8 prime lens was used. No flash needed, just natural light. The low f-stop gave a very nice bokeh effect.

Bathtime Mohawk with funny face using Canon 50mm 1.8 prime lens black and white

This is by far one of my favorite pictures of my oldest son. This made a better black and white than it did a color due to the ISO noise. An ISO of 1000 and f-stop 2 was used to give me a usable handheld shutter speed with no image stabilization as well as a nice blurred background. The lens used was the Canon 50mm 1.8 Prime.

Photoshop Layer Sky Moon HDR Landscape

I took a few images and combined them for a more fantasy look. Multiple color gradients were used to bring out the sky and suns. Clouds were layered over the bottom half of the moon.