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Mac Mini hard drive Upgrade

Well I just finished upgrading my new Mac Mini by replacing the somewhat slow 160 GB 5200rpm HD that came with it to a much faster 320 GB 7200rpm Western Digital model. My old Mac Mini had this drive. So I spent last night doing a drive swap between the two computers. I will say upgrading the mac mini is not for the faint of heart. YouTube some tutorials of it if you’d like to find out why. However, after swapping out the drives It was very much plug and play. I just turned the new Mini back on and picked up where I left off.

After I restore it, the old mini is going into the living room for Netflix and Hulu. We did this once before and It does look pretty sweet on a 42 1080p. It will be nice to leave the computer in there.
Its too bad Apple doesn’t offer a 7200rpm Hard Drive upgrade. This really makes a difference when batch editing large numbers of pictures, recording music, editing video or anything that involves working with large files.
Plus now I can use my old LG monitor along with my new 23″ LG. It’s kind of nice the the new Mac Mini included two monitor outs.
Now my new set up is not too shabby for photo editing.

OS X 10.6.2
2.26 GHz intel Core 2 Duo
with 3MB L2 Cache
4 GB 1067 MHz RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 9400 with 256 MB (VRAM)

And my trusty WD 2.5in 320 GB 7200rpm Hard drive

By The way. If you have one of the newer iPhone’s or iPod Touch check out the Air Mouse Pro App it turns the device into a wireless remote. Because Im using my old mac mini as a media PC(mac) connected to our HDTV, having this little gem of an App Rocks! No need for a Keyboard or Mouse!