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Galveston Sunset

2560x1440 Galveston Sunset

2560×1440 Galveston Sunset

Galveston Trip Spring 2010

Bishops Palace Galveston HDR Catholic building Old House Photoshop photomatix
All Pictures in this post were taken with a Canon 40D using the Canon 10-22 EF lens.
Bishops Palace Galveston HDR Catholic building Old House Photoshop photomatix

Bishops Palace Galveston HDR

The Bishop’s Palace HDR was taken with three exposures at EV 2,0,-2 and tone mapped with Photomatix. The clouds were layered in from another picture I took. The Palace also needed some lens correction to compensate for the angle the original picture was taken at.

Galveston Sea Wall sunset Photomatix HDR

Galveston Sea Wall West HDR

Strange Beach House Galveston Photomatix HDR

This is one odd looking Beach House.

I had to crop this image in some as it was taken from inside my car. The HDR still came out well considering the three exposures were hand held.

Galveston Beach Overly Dramatic Wooden Poles

Overly Dramatic Wooden Poles

I think photos like this are kind of amusing. You see a lot of pictures similar to this turning something boring really dramatic.

Pelicans boat bird droppings

Lots of Bird Droppings

Found these Pelicans just hanging out on the back of an old beat-up fishing boat. The Pelicans couldn’t care less that I was there and let me get pretty close. The deck was literally covered in bird droppings. I don’t think this boat is used very often.

Old School Red Phone Booth Galveston Strand

Old School Red Phone Booth

You just don’t see too many of this type of phone booth anymore, at least not in Texas. It’s too bad the actual phone on the inside is a modern one.