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Long Exposure Photography

Here’s a new one from the median facing south on Hwy 360 at the Bridge. RAW, taken with a Canon 50D using the Canon 10-22 lens at 10mm. Time 10sec, ISO 200 aperture 3.5 and exposure +2 ev. post editing done with Aperture 3.

time exposure photography of austin 360 bridge

Time Exposure Photography of Austin 360 Bridge (1920x1080)

Black and White taken from the same spot but using 22mm of the same lens. ISO was still at 200 and time was also at 10sec but the aperture was at f/10. 0 ev
I’ve also included the 360 B&W.AdjustmentPresets for this one.

time lapse photography of austin 360 bridge B&W

Time Exposure Photography of Austin 360 Bridge B&W (1920x1080)

Blue Night Landscape Preset for Aperture 3

Blue Night Landscape before preset

Blue Night Landscape after preset

Blue Night landscape.AdjustmentPresets
To install this preset open Aperture 3 and select the adjustments tab. In the Effects drop down menu, select “edit Effects”. From her you will see a new window that has a small gear icon in the lower left corner. Clicking on this will give you the option needed to import this preset.