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  1. 6:45 AM, March 25, 2010Sally  / Reply

    that’s great – I’ve been looking for a way to remove meatadata on a mac for a while. I tried changing to a png in photoshop but didn’t work – got to do it in preview. Im ok to create an action in photoshop to make a png file – but then changing the png file back to a jpeg has to be done in preview to remove it. Can you create actions for preview?


    • 3:01 PM, March 25, 2010Anthony  / Reply

      I have a new post on removing Metadata with Photoshop that you may be interested in. Here’s the Link. As for creating actions in preview, I’m not sure but I’ll look into it and post if I find anything.

      Thanks for the feedback

  2. 2:38 AM, June 16, 2010Chris J  / Reply

    Just tried an app called SnapsCleaner. It lets you choose which types of metadata you want to delete. I tried the default settings, but that killed the color profile, but after turning that off, it worked GREAT. No data. Just a nice bunch of empty when I opened it in Lightroom or Photoshop.

    It’s a bit expensive for a one trick app at $30. But you can try the trial mode. It’s FAST too, like “instant”.

  3. 6:55 AM, April 6, 2011Brett D  / Reply

    You can create Apps, or services to Save as PNG, then Save as JPG in OSX using automator.

    A bit of fiddling around and you can create some interesting little apps of your own, and it’s not too difficult.
    You don’t even have to know any coding.

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